Outstanding Avocados

“…Our avocados continue to improve each year under the Tainio products and protocols as the soil becomes closer to nutrition balance. Root rot has significantly declined and tree removal due to this disease has gone to zero from an annual rate of 3%. Crops are more abundant and alternate bearing has declined. The grove looks fantastic! I thank you for all of the guidance and counsel!”

– M. Crumb, California



Happy Almond Trees

“Hello, my name is Raymond Aschwanden. I am an almond farmer in Modesto, California. My first experience with Tainio products was incorporated into a nematode stricken almond orchard that was in serious decline with massive bud failure. The trees did not have enough energy to grow or size a leaf structure even without a crop on them. Our local county Ag-advisor was recommending using some very expensive chemicals, but we would still need to pull our a large portion of the trees and start them over after fumigating them again. This just didn’t seem right, so I started out in a direction that seemed right to me.

I started by incorporating large amounts of organic material that we accumulate at our sheller, and manure into the soil in the wintertime. Then I met Dave Ramczyk who introduced me to the Tainio microbiological products with insights on ways to use them properly. At that point, we sprayed BioGenesis and Pepzyme in a mixture of Humic acid and water onto the soil. In the spring, I applied Micro 5000 along with nutrients to the emerging leaves, and in two-week intervals after that. With that, the trees started growing better than they had grown in years and throughout the whole summer looked great; no more little yellow leaves. The next year, they had a great crop on them and still looked good while adding growth even with a crop in place.

Since then, I have been on a nonstop learning experience working with Bruce and Marc Tainio along with Dave Ramczyk. They continue teaching me how to properly balance the soil in order to help keep it healthy and alive. They continue teaching me to balance the trees so that they are healthy as well, like nature meant them to be. Nothing like what the chemical companies want us to believe in order to make us reliant on their chemicals; chemicals that can cause more harm than good in the end, but will keep us needing more and more chemicals every year. It has been quite an experience fighting the “normal” practices forced onto us by many of the PCAs who are only focused on profit, with no focus on helping the farmers produce healthy, nutritious food sources.

Through this process of working toward proper balance for healthy self sustaining trees, trees of all ages, including thirty year old trees are starting to re-grow under-story fruit wood even out of large lower scaffolds all the way down to the trunks. This growth is aggressively filling the bare areas of the trees. Production on all age classes of trees is increasing. Even in the presence of heavy crops, the trees are still continuing to increase their structure for even more potential for the next year. It does no matter what age the tree is, we are getting the same results when nutrition is properly balanced and monitored.

My focus, “Always look for nature’s truth, not man’s opinion.”

-Raymond Aschwanden, Modesto, California



Praise From a Pro

“…Biocaps are the only thing I’ve ever seen turn a birch (damaged by) bronze birch borer around”

– K. Knorr, Senior Arborist, Tall Tree Service of Eastern Washington, Spokane, Washington.



BioCaps for Fast Results

“Thanks so much for the great products. We always had a very sunny back yard. We needed shade to make it livable. I got some of your BioCaps for my Red Maple trees planted at the 12” tall stage. In 3 years we had enough shade for our deck. Ten years later we have a yard full of 45 ft. tall trees.

“That is only the start of the story. My brother saw our amazing trees. He started using your products for a tree farm in central Florida. In 4 years his trees sell for $275 and are getting bigger and more valuable every day.

“Tainio makes it possible to pursue tree farming as a short term crop”.

– Tom, Illinois



Septic Cents Saves the Day

“Just a word or two about your product Septic Cents.  My septic system for my house is a pressure system mandated by the county health department.  The drain field is a 12’x42′ sand filter which became plugged causing the water to seep to the surface.  Upon recommendation of the county health department I dug a trench at each end to check for broken pipes.  Finding no broken pipes, they recommended having the filter core drilled to let the water down past the plugged layer.  That service was available at the cost of $1500.  I purchased two bottles of Septic Cents, flushed 1/3 of the bottle into the first tank, poured 1/3 of the bottle into the second tank and diluted the last 1/3 and sprayed it into the two trenches.

I repeated this process with the second bottle a week later.  After letting trenches remain open another week, we filled the trenches.  The system is working as good as new ever since.  Many accolades for a product that really works”.

– D.E. Manson, Washingtion



A Master Gardener’s Greenhouse

“Our garden season went very well considering the strange weather patterns.  This August we took home fourteen ribbons for veggies at the county fair, seven of them blue!   We have been very excited about using Tainio products in the new green house, Biogenesis, Biopellets, Micro 5000, PZ 1000, throughout the growing season.  We are about to harvest an impressive crop of tomatoes and peppers and even okra!

Biological Farm Management really works!  Thanks for your technical support! ”

– Karla Fehr, Eureka, MT.



BioCaps in the Greenhouse

“I have just harvested the oranges from the dwarf trees in my greenhouse and must tell you that this is the largest crop I have had in the ten years I have nurtured the trees!  It has to be attributed to the Biocaps, which I inserted in their tubs in May of last year and again in October.  I can honestly report that I had three times the fruit from each tree this year.  This added to a double crop of persimmons last fall and figs in the summer has convinced me of the value of Biocaps.”

– A.L., Colorado Springs, CO.

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